Unable to sync two Windows 10 PCs on LAN

I am facing a syncing problem. I have two Windows 10 PCs connected to each orther through WiFi (with no internet connection). Both are showing that the other PC is disconnected. I have turned off the relaying option and IP addresses are set to dynamic. Everything else is set to default values.

The thing is, when I allow internet access to both the PCs through the WiFi, they start syncing without any problem although no internet usage is detected; data is transferred locally. But trouble begins when I turn off the internet access- syncing stops abruptly. :slightly_frowning_face:

I am on the latest Syncthing version 1.23.2.

Any suggestions? What settings should I opt for?

Please make sure the connection type in Windows on both computers is set to “private” and not “public” (see https://support.microsoft.com/windows/make-a-wi-fi-network-public-or-private-in-windows-0460117d-8d3e-a7ac-f003-7a0da607448d). Also, do they connect if you hard-code the IP addresses (or hostnames)?


I changed the connection type to ‘Private’ on both the devices and ‘dynamic’ to their respective ip addresses but the problem still persists. :tired_face:

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