Unable to sync folder with 20k images

My Android syncthing is stuck on scanning with 20000 photos (12gb) in the folder.

Is there any way I can get it to sync?

Please show screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI on both sides. On Android, you can access it through a button in the left slide-out menu. Please make sure that the folder is unfolded with all important information visible, and also that any errors that you’ve encountered are displayed on the screen too.

Also, what do you mean by “stuck” specifically?

Looking again at it, that’s a lot of files. Which version of Android are you running? Syncing that many files on Android 10 and newer can be very slow, i.e. literally take days. Scanning can also be very time consuming. I’ve done some testing in relation to this problem in https://forum.syncthing.net/t/how-to-deal-with-abysmal-i-o-performance-on-android-10 if you’re interested.


Thanks for your reply, having opened the web GUI, looks like it found something!

I moved all the images out of the Android app folder and it actually found the photos 2k/20k right now, and it’s around 30hrs scan time remaining and rising all the time.

I’m running the latest version of Android, what a shame about the poor performance.

Edit: Just as I posted, it dropped to 2hrs remaning from 50hrs? lol

Edit2: Back to 5 days. But with another 1k photos!

Are the files all located in one folder, or are they spread evenly into many subfolders? I’ve found out that for some reason it took much more time to scan one giant folder in comparison to the same number of files spread into many subfolders.

One giant folder.

Seems like it will “find” 1k images every 30min.

at 7/20k right now!

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