Unable to sync a deletion: "command is empty, please enter a valid command"

Hi there,

My setup is:

  • PC with Syncthing
  • Android with Syncthing-Fork

Everything works fine, except in the case when I delete files on the PC. They are not deleted on the Phone. For every file that is not deleted the logs on Android say:

2023-10-30 08:15:49 Puller (folder "Android Camera" (myFolderId), item "screenshots/Screenshot_20210123-183334.png"): syncing: delete file: external versioner: archive: command is empty, please enter a valid command

In the UI, it says x items out of sync. Manually deleting a file on the phone results in x - 1 being displayed. So I simply delete files on the phone only at the moment.

On the internet I did not find anything concerning that log message.

Is there a proper way to fix this?

Going after this error message, it sounds to me like you enabled Versioning on the folder on your phone, put it to external but did not supply any command which acts like the versioning logic.

I’m not sure if this was purposeful, but changing this to another versioning type may help (e.g. trashcan), or supply a proper command if you were aiming for external versioning.

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Thanks, that was it indeed. Must have accidentally changed that setting, I didn’t know it existed

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