Unable to start synchronisation

All folders are “Up to Date” but synchronisation does not start and I get the following message:

2023-10-18 Failure checking encryption consistency with device mydevice (changed) for folder “Default Folder” (default): different encryption passwords used

When I edit a folder, in the Sharing tab, which password should I provide ? So far, I provided the password of the account which I used to log in. This means that on machine A for default Folder, I had password A and on machine B for default Folder, I had password B. Is that correct ?

Said differently: what sort of password should be provided in the Sharing tab in front of the selected device ? Should it be the same password on the 2 different devices

I am a beginner in the use of Linux and Ubuntu. Laurent

In the most common use case, you should not enter any folder passwords anywhere. These are for an advanced feature - untrusted devices - and not for normal synchronization. Data is encrypted in transit regardless of this option.

If you intend to use the untrusted device feature, you should carefully read the documentation on that (above link) first.

As suggested by Max, I took away the passwords and I now have the following message! 2023-10-18 18:45:12:Failure checking encryption consistency with device mydevice for folder “documents” (drfhp-gdte6): remote expects to exchange encrypted data, but is configured for plain data

The side where you did not set a password (the receiving side) is probably still a Receive Encrypted folder and expects a password. This can’t easily be changed from the GUI though.

So it’d be best to make sure you have a backup of your (plain) data (of this folder), remove the remote device (on the side where you unset the password in the sharing tab), remove the receive encrypted folder on the receiving side and restart the receiving side. Then you should be able to simply re-share the folder and if you don’t set a password this time - it should work as expected.

If you want to be double-sure, then set the sending side to send only before fiddling around and only swap it to send and receive after everything is synced properly.

But again, have a back-up too:)

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Thanks to Nummer378 and to er-paa, I managed to start synchronisation. Regards Laurent

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