Unable to set GUI username/password after reinstall on Synology

After a reinstall on a Synology DS918+, I’m unable to set a username and password for the GUI. I can type them in to the GUI and choose save, but this isn’t reflected the next time I go into the settings page, and the “no password” warning appears each time.

My guess is that the permissions on config.xml may be incorrect. I can connect via ssh but am too much of a noob to know:

  1. Which config.xml file to edit? Is it /volume1/@appstore/syncthing/var/config.xml?

  2. How to change permissions - and which permissions to set? I installed from the synocommunity package, which creates a sc-syncthing group. But I don’t see a syncthing user itself.

Any help much appreciated.


While you may find other Syncthing-on-Synology users here, this is really a question about permissions and paths in the Synology world. You may get a better response on a Synology forum.

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