unable to remove device from 'introduction' pc's


I have 2 pc 's running as ‘introduction’ pc’s in a group of 40 clients that sync all the same folder from the two intro pc’s. These 2 remain 24/7 running and make shure everyone gets the latest sync. Now i want to remove a ‘client’ but both ‘introduction’ pc’s say “this device will be reintroduced by xxx” (where xxx = the other intro machine). Result: the client machine ramains in the list and i cant remove it…

You should not have two introducer as this is expected to happen. Best I can suggest is to shut syncthing down and manually modify config.

Or temporarily uncheck some introducer.

If I cant have more than 1 introducer in a group, the whole group is depending on that machine so not very redundant… By the way, it is all working fine except for the the issue “remove client”. Why is there than the option each time you “connect” a client to mark it as introducer?


can you point me to the part in the config file that i should change/delete? Is it de ‘device’ attribute in the folder element?

It’s your choice of implementing it that way. If I was you, I’d use configuration management tools to manage large clusters.

Anyways, what calmh suggested (unchecking introducer temporarily) is probably a better option.

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