Unable to make connection when behind VPN

HI, I use VPN on one of my syncthing instances, and when it is on I am unable to make a successful connection. Is it not possible to use syncthing when using VPN at the same time?

I guess that would depend on the used VPN configuration/provider and on whether your discovery/relay settings are anything other than the default.

Here, I have no problems using Syncthing when my VPN connection is activated. It’s just significantly slower since it then relies on relays.

Okay, I did not change anything in the syncthing settings and I just turn on the VPN - no settings are modified.

Many consumer-oriented VPN services route most (if not all) traffic through the VPN whenever its enabled (one popular use is for bypassing geofencing by video streaming services).

Your VPN client or service provider might be configured to only proxy certain popular network ports. You’ll have to either review your VPN settings, your service provider’s documentation, or post details about your VPN setup (e.g. service provider, software, settings, etc.).

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