Unable to local connection, only by relay.

Hi all. In my office I have server with few syncthing instances. Every instance communicaton ports (22001, 22002 and so on) are forwarded outside on router. My own laptop’s instance (listens at default port) connects directly to the two server’s instances when I’m out of office but when I’m in, the only way it connects to the one particular server’s instance is by relay. The second instance connects by local connection with no problem. How can I discover the problem? Should I enable some trace flags to shed some light on it? Regards.

Are you on different subnets and the only address your device gets to know is the external one? You can see addresses and why they cannot connect on the device tab (when it’s not connected…).

I’m on the same subnet in office. For me, the most puzzling is correct local connecting with one instance but inability to do the same with the another. Tomorrow, when in office I will complete this description with actual problem seeing in gui.

If you have windows, you need to make sure very machine identifies the network as non-public as I know the firewall becomes very aggressive otherwise, and does things even while disabled.

Could be good clue. I will check it tomorrow. My machine OS is Win 10, two instances I am connecting to are on Linux server (Ubuntu).

The reason happened to be simple. The local announce port was somehow set to value other than 21067. I’m sure it was me :innocent: :innocent:, but don’t know when and why. The problem is solved!

By the way thanks for Syncthing you all, it’s very useful tool.


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