Unable to handle symbolic link?

In my folder, I have some symbolic links around, for example in ~/dev/ directory, i have code and project folder

all codes in code folder and git controlled. all codes is symbolic linked in project directory based on type of projects, If it’s game, website etc.

After few days, I noticed that now Syncthing showing “Out of Sync” and seems like all out of sync items are related to symlink.

Is that mean Syncthing unable to handle the symlink? Is there any work around for it?

The side that is failing to sync should have errors explaining what its failing to do.

So far there isn’t much to work with to be able to help you, as it’s just a hypothetical question.

Symlinks on unix devices should be synced, but never followed.

Where I can get error message? On the WebUI it looks like related to symlink and error looks like following when I click on the failed items

syncing: checking parent dirs: traverses symlink: FOLDER_NAME

So in this case, Syncthing cannot handle symlink syncing properly and everything in the syncthing directory shoudn’t be a symlink?

Syncthing syncs symlinks as they are, as in, it would not sync the content behind the symlink, just the link itself, which is not obvious to me if that is what you want.

I think the error you are getting is because the symlink leaves the root of the syncthing folder, which is considered a security vulnerability (imagine me sending you a symlink that points to /etc/passwd etc)

I think i got what the issue is,

yes I just need the link itself not content, content is in another directory.

it would not sync the content behind the symlink, just the link itself But the issue looks like is:

  • I was moving directory around, there was some directory in projects directory that I moved to code directory. (in same syncthing folder) and created a symlink in projects to point to the code directory
  • I believe the issue is, syncthing confused because on Device-A, the content was moved to another folder while a symlink for it created in its original location. However on Device-B, before it finish syncing, Device still have its original directory with contents in same locations.
  • So in this case, A is telling be that at location X, it’s a symlink, but B still have its content there. So Syncthing confused.

I’ll try to remove all symlink and allow all devices to finish the first sync before apply the symlink again. See if it solve the issue.

In my case, I don’t think anything related to symlink leaves the root of the folder.

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