Unable to figure out how to add Syncthing to Environment Variables

So I have current using Syncthing through Synctrazor. Everything is working fine. But I wanted to know how I can run syncthing from command prompt.

Currently I get this when I try to check syncthing version or run syncthing. I have configured the path of syncthing in environment variables but still get this error !

Just cd to the directory where you find syncthing.exe, it should work from there. Note that if you want to add it to the PATH variable, you only need to specify the directory, not the EXE file. And restart your Command Prompt for the change to take effect.

Another thing you might need to pay attention to is the home path for Syncthing, where it stores configuration and database. I don’t know if SyncTrayzor overrides that. Check in the About dialog of the running service’s Web GUI for the current path settings.

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Okay my prior installation was messy. I uninstalled everything related to syncthing, synctrazor and reinstalled syncthing. It’s working fine now.

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