Unable to connect to the outside world - Windows - 1 External Machine

I have successfully connected 3 machines on my local network using Syncthing, and they are all communicating, now when I try to connection to a machine I have at work on a DSL connection, I am unable to connect.

I have changed the ports, so they are not the standard ports (except for the announcement port) I have opened the ports on my router(s), and also enabled UnPnP on my home router (as it supports UnPnP) I have even try to setup a no-ip.com so I can put that into the location when it asks for an IP. I’ve opened the ports on the firewalls, one on the main machine, that i’m wanting to host all my files, and one on the DSL machine.

I’ve used dynamic and lan ports with the port at home, all connect. I cannot get the DSL External to connect.

I’m stumped. I don’t know what to test.

Any Suggestions would be highly appreciated.

I suggest you manually see if the ports that you have forwarded are actually forwarded. Also, make sure there are no firewalls involved.

If you have port forwarding setup, you should not use UPnP as that stirs everything up. If you use no-ip.com, you should then define a fixed address for that machine as address.no-ip.com:<port that you forwarded>

If you use UPnP, and UPnP succeeds, the machine from the outside should be able to connect. You can google around to find ways to verify that the port is actually open (and even was to check if the forwarding is happening correctly), to verify that the router is doing it’s job.