UI - Using "Out of Sync Items" view and other options to understand what's going on

Thanks for this great tool! Though I have a few pain points remaining (nested sync folders!), it mostly does quite reliably the job.

ELI5: How does this UI work?

One thing I failed to understand is how to read the “Out of Sync Items”:

  • There seems to be color-coding?! But I don’t see the colors reflected in the entries. Not that I want to to encourage pure color-coding of information.
  • …or are those headers filter buttons? They don’t seem work?!
  • …or list of the available states? Sync does not show, nor the listed values.

I don’t get it.

What other options do i have to understand what’s going on?

What I’d like to understand is a longer list of recent, local modifications done by the sync to be able to understand what’s happening. There is no UI to achieve this beyond the “last change”-one-liner in the folder list view, right?

Keen to learn more!

Yes, that header is a legend for currently downloading files (it shows the status of each block from a file). However, in your case it appears that syncthing is currently not downloading any blocks/files - the status only works while a file is currently being downloaded. Sometimes you just need to wait - for performance reasons this view isn’t refreshed constantly. It’s also possible that syncthing is currently busy with database work, preparing temp files or stuck for other reasons.

Have you seen the “Recent Changes” button in the lower right corner of the GUI? That shows a list of recent changes this device has seen (both local and remote). There’s also an optional audit log you can enable that logs all changes to a text file.

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