UI remains without data for a long time (v0.14.49)

I am running several Syncthing clients, for example:
v0.14.49, Windows (64 bit)
v0.14.49, Linux (ARM)

Since the last update when opening (or refreshing) the web UI for one of them it takes 5-10 minutes until the first folder states ar shown and even much longer until all folder states are shown. Until then all folders are displayed as “unknown”:

I have about 35 folders with a total of 1,437,575 files 53,692 dirs ~287 GiB.

The problem might be related to this:
I have one folder with 874.509 files 22.231 dirs ~117 GiB, which is scanning right now. As adviced some time ago i disabled the UI update interval (something).

Maybe just the fact, that ST is scanning in the background causes this “problem”.

Greetings Fino;

Check chrome developer tools to see which rest API call is taking long to return. Does this happen repeatedly or only on the first webpage load of the new version?

(Firefox Console)

As it is ARM I’m going to assume substandard CPU and I/O performance. There are apparently a lot of folders and/or devices. Each of those initial completion calls is a database walk. Doing a lot of them in parallel will unfortunately tax a slow device. So it takes a while.

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