Ubuntu installation

I followed these instructions to install Syncthing on Ubuntu, but apparently the systemd unit files haven’t been installed correctly:

# systemctl status syncthing
Unit syncthing.service could not be found.

I found more instructions, but they seem to be incomplete. It says to create a user, but it doesn’t say which group, which home directory, which shell, nothing. For every other service this is handled by apt install, so I have no idea how to do it manually.

Systemd has user services and system services. For the former:

systemctl --user status syncthing.service

For the system level service, you need to instantiate the template first for a specific user name:

systemctl status syncthing@yourusername.service

Look at the output of whoami to see your current user name.

The main difference is that system services run right after boot, while user services are started when you log in.

Indeed systemctl start syncthing@root.service worked.

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