"TypeError: Cannot set property 'connected' of undefined" error when removing devices

Recently, I have been cleaning up my configuration and removing some devices in the process. While doing it, I have encountered the same error on two different devices. Now, I am not sure what triggered it exactly, but I am certain that this happened while removing a few remote devices in a row quickly.

The error is as follows.

logbar.js:11 TypeError: Cannot set property 'connected' of undefined
    at syncthingController.js:225
    at Scope.$broadcast (angular.js:14908)
    at eventService.js:27
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at successFn (eventService.js:23)
    at angular.js:9452
    at processQueue (angular.js:13337)
    at angular.js:13353
    at Scope.$eval (angular.js:14589)
    at Scope.$digest (angular.js:14405)
console.<computed> @ logbar.js:11

For now, I have no idea how to reproduce it, so I am not creating a GitHub issue yet. Syncthing is v1.13.x and the browser is Chromium 87.

Does anyone know what this can be about?

The code there isn’t careful and just bulldozes into a connection that doesn’t exist anymore. What I can imagine is that when you remove the device, the connection data gets updated (as in removed) and then the event causing this error comes in afterwards. The solution is simple.

Could you post this as a github issue please.

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Done :+1:.

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