Two syncthing devices on same network "Connected to myself"

Hi! I have two syncthing devices on the same network and i’m getting this error when trying to connect them to each other:

connected to self (20:09:56)
context deadline exceeded (20:12:10)

One device is a RBPi 3b+ running on and the other is a server running docker, on

In the logs i’m getting:

Connected to myself (RZOGW5U-...-SNVR5QQ) at [::] - should not happen

And i’m guessing that is has something to do with both using the same ports, but i changed the port 20000 to 20001 on my server.

Can you guys help me? Thank you!

These are the API/web UI addresses/ports, they have nothing to do with connections.

Connected to self is not in itself a problem, that usually happens if you have two devices listening on the same port behind a NAT.

If you get no connection, not even relay, you probably have a problem with firewall or docker networking. If you only get a relay connection, you need to either make sure local discovery (broad/multicasts) work or setup port forwarding (or enable upnp) on your router.

I turned off NAT in settings and manually set the IPs for the two devices in their respective “add remote device” and that solved the problem.

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