two out of sync files

Linux Mint 18 Mate Syncthing 0.14.4 64bit

Syncthing web ui shows two out-of-sync files. These have remained after several reboots and syncthing restarts and rescans. Out of 10035 items, ~10.1 GiB these are the only two that have sync problems.

The out of sync files appear in the same way in two separate computers

Those two computers are syning to master folders on a third computer.

The master computer (with syncthing 0.14.3) shows out of sync devices for those two computers but that would be normal because the two computers have .stignore settings in various folders.

The master computer shows up to date for the shared folders.

One of the out of sync files error says, “peers who had this file went away, or the file has changed …”

The other says, “no such file or directory”

How can I clear these errors? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Try touching the files. Alternatively you might be syncing a database or memory mapped files which cha ge faster than we scan them.

Thank you. I looked and the files exist on the master but are not getting picked up by the other machines.

I hand copied a file from the master to one of the out-of-sync computers. That worked for for the one, but the other is actually an empty folder that is outside the .stignore limit.

.stignore !Clients *

The out of sync folder is above the Clients folder. I did mess up the first time I went to sync by forgetting the .stignore setting. I deleted everything that I didn’t intend to sync after creating the .stignore file. I’m sure that’s were both problems came from.

I removed the .stignore setting from the folder, let it sync fully, and then the out-of-sync folder error disappeared. As it turns out I can live without that particular .stignore setting so I’m leaving it out.

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