two Operating Systems, one set of sync folders[solved]

good morning. I am considering Migrating from Debian Stable to Devuan, a systemd free derivative of Debian on my laptop. presently with Debian, I have about 10 folders (in separate partitions) being synced with about 6 devices… about 600 GB total. All is working as expected (very well).

Devuan is installed alongside Debian and it is working very well with all of my apps, and I want to try Syncthing also. I may completely migrate later if everything works for a couple months, I am undecided.

Due to lack of space I would like to simply use those same folders on both operating systems, without modification. I would continue booting to Both and syncing…

Is this feasible, without creating conflicts?

Thanks, Peter

Yes, assuming you also use the same Syncthing config & database (~/.config/syncthing), symlinked or mounted into your currently running operating system at any given time.


if I understand correctly I need to copy the ~/.config/syncthing folder in Debian to the Devuan system?

I will be mounting the folders and not changing any contents, using the Syncthing defaults, not changing the contents… After they all get a full backup.

PS: My Debian is running v1.9.0, maybe the Devuan will have a newer or older version… I suppose that should not matter.

If you copy you need to be zealous about always copying from the latest used installation before using the other one. Better to make sure to always mount the same home directory in the same place?

thanks. I do have an issue with the primary user (me) not being fastidious with such details. I decided to do some disk management and cleaned out some cruft. Now my Devuan is using a dedicated partition for my syncs, and it is working well.

Thanks for the advice, I am glad I asked before I created issues for myself.

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