Two of three peers not directly syncing

I’m relatively new to Syncthing and thought I had a handle on what would happen here but it isn’t behaving as I thought. Here’s the situation:

System A: Windows Trayzor running Syncthing 1.22

System B: Synology running 1.22

System C: Windows Trayzor running Syncthing 1.22

A & B were already connected and in sync. Last night we added system C with the same shared folder to both A and B. It’s a send/receive folder. A started sending data to C but B isn’t.

In this scenario A is the source of all the data and it propagates out to B and C as it is created. B and C essentially treat it as read-only. We could have made B and C receive only connections but thought that with send/receive we could get the benefits of peer-to-peer sharing.

The folder has around 60GB of data in it and A’s outbound connection is relatively slow so the thought was B would help get C up to date. But it hasn’t. B can see how far C is getting but it isn’t sending any data.

Am I correct in my assumptions about how this should work? I can send whatever info would be helpful though getting screenshots from C might be a bit delayed depending on how responsive person C is.


Try restarting syncthing on B and see if that changes anything. I have reported something similar a while ago - if a restart helps it may be the same issue.

In general what you describe should work. However, it shouldn’t actually matter if you use send-receive or receive-only folders. The folder types refer to whether locally changed files are propagated to others. The current state of the world should always be propagated.

Screenshots are always good to have :slightly_smiling_face:. Just make sure the whole Web GUI is fully visible, and please take them on all devices. Also, make sure the folder is unfolded and all three details are visible (you can obfuscate private information, etc.)


We restarted B and B sent over 16.9MB which corresponds to one of the smaller sizes. It then stopped and not having any ideas and needing to think on it I left it. When I next looked in a few hours later it was happily sending data and continued to until C was up to date.

Hopefully that will continue in the future.

And thanks on the clarification on the distinction between receive-only and send/receive. I’d been assuming the incorrect meaning. Appreciate it!

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This sounds as if this was the same issue as New files are not shared between downloading devices · Issue #8208 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub

Sadly the cause of this issue is not know at this time.

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