two minor issues I'm having on v0.14.29, Linux (ARM)

Have installed twice so far on two raspberry pis.

  1. CPU Utilization always shows 0%, where in the previous version it would be in the 90s when scanning and around 50% when syncing.

  2. Device name keeps resetting on remote devices to the name it first had when I started configuring (raspberrypi) rather than the currently set device name. Emptying the device name from the field (where it says “Shown instead of Device ID in the cluster status. Will be updated to the name the device advertises if left empty.”) results in it reverting back to rasberrypi after showing device ID for a while. Both destination devices have their proper name in the settings field.

  1. is fixed in the next release I think
  2. It’s a bit unclear who’s name in who’s respect gets reverted. Own name or what?
  1. is fixed in the next release I think

Cool. I can live without it for now

  1. It’s a bit unclear who’s name in who’s respect gets reverted. Own name or what?

Each device in it’s settings has a name like “The Invisible Library 02” though when syncthing was first installed, it used the hostmane (raspberrypi) and I changed it is part of the first configure.

on the remote devices that wee it, the name “raspberrypi” keeps filling back in as the name, even though I keep deleting it.

Again not a huge deal, but was working fine previously.

Another data point, I have a preinstalled “seed” build that I am imaging where syncthing is already installed, but in it’s initial state. I first delete teh .config directory and restart syncthing and then configure each node.

Each device in it’s settings

Local device settings or remote device settings?

There is an advanced option that replaces remove device names on connect which could be on.

overwriteRemoteDeviceNamesOnConnect? Is unchecked everywhere

Right that doesn’t answer my first question however.

The name is correct on each device and incorrect on every device that sees it under “remote devices”

The name got most likely got copied as the devices got added. If you want to maintain the names as they change, you probably want to check the checkbox in advanced settings that overwrites them on connect.

additional Datapoint:

Just spun up another device (another Pi0W). Rather than adding it to the “send only” device (a Synology NAS), I added the “send only” device to it (as introducer) and now every devices sees it correctly.

This may be a problem on the Synology instance only, it’s got the old name cached somewhere

I think the synology package maintainers have done something wrong. I know the config was not writable in some cases etc.

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