Two folders completely ignored

I’ve just copied three folders into ~/Sync, each around 50MB total, 10-12 mp3 files, call them A, B, C. I copied them from an external USB drive. The third one, i.e. C, got synced across my devices, and the first two got completely ignored. So folders A and B are present only on one device, but the webgui says that all devices are up to date.

I imagine restarting/reindexing might help, but since I don’t need them urgently, if there’s anything I could do to help track the issue, then I’d be happy to.

My st version is 0.11.26. I use syncthing-inotify.

Is this on android? I am sure rescanning will help, alternatively its caused by your ignores or some bug in syncthing-inotify.

Check if the local state on both sides has the same numbers.

It’s on debian. I don’t have any ignore files. Local states have different localBytes.

machine which has all three folders: {"globalBytes":1532875348,"globalDeleted":10905,"globalFiles":6925,"ignorePatterns":false,"inSyncBytes":1532875348,"inSyncFiles":6925,"invalid":"","localBytes":1532800724,"localDeleted":10322,"localFiles":6925,"needBytes":0,"needFiles":0,"state":"idle","stateChanged":"2015-10-15T10:37:41.750973045+01:00","version":118146}

one of the other machines {"globalBytes":1532875348,"globalDeleted":10905,"globalFiles":6925,"ignorePatterns":false,"inSyncBytes":1532875348,"inSyncFiles":6925,"invalid":"","localBytes":1532705620,"localDeleted":9579,"localFiles":6925,"needBytes":0,"needFiles":0,"state":"idle","stateChanged":"2015-10-15T11:03:35.110247068+01:00","version":118149}

I’m also convinced rescanning will help but I think it’s pretty huge issue to fail without warning.

Sometime between yesterday night and now the other machines synced everything.

Well if anything has failed it will be inotify, and why that would have failed I have no clue, as its separate to syncthing.

It probably has a separate log, which might have something useful for @Zillode

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