Two device sync worked after initial config and now showed as "Disconnected"


I’m a pretty new user of Syncthing and I was surprised how straightforward and easy the setup is.

So I was able to setup a sync between some folders of my Fairphone 2 (FP Open 17.03.0; ST version v0.14.32 / Android version 0.9.12) and a Laptop running a Debian based distribution (SolydX 8 64-Bit Kernel: Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64; ST version v0.14.37, Linux (64 bit)).

I just want to sync the folders when I’m at home. The devices are connected to the same WLAN. (except that I left my flat for a while the devices are now connected to the WLAN again). At first everything worked as expected but now the devices are shown as “Disconnected” and they do not start to go on syncing. What can I do to make this working again? I checked the device and folder IDs and they are still valid. Furthermore I think I don’t need a “Relaying” in my home WLAN nor “Global Discovery” nor “NAT Traversal”, so I disabled it.

Thanks for any help in advance.

It seems it can’t do local discovery because I suspect your network prevents multicasts. Best I can suggest is enabling global discovery.

You can also add the direct connection to the laptop on your phone. Edit the remote device on the phone and set it to dynamic, tcp://{ip or name of laptop}:{port of sync on laptop, default 22000}.

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Thanks for the fast reply @AudriusButkevicius and @wweich , this was easy. :slight_smile:

It looks like that I need “Global Discovery” (explanation could be the network prevents multicasts) as well as “Relaying” enabled. Don’t know why I need the last one, but I will go on testing around a bit more.

I will also try the direct connection setting later on.

At least I know which setting is working so I can go back if something is not working. For now I’m happy as it proceeds syncing.

Thanks a lot.

Just wanted to give a short feedback, as this works best for me (as explained at the beginning I just need to sync within me home (W)LAN).

Especially the throughput is much better with the following settings (of course it is … no relaying in between and no global discovery):

  • Enable NAT traversal -> disabled
  • Local Discovery -> enabled
  • Global Discovery -> disabled
  • Enable Relaying -> disabled

On both devices set (while adding remote device):

dynamic, tcp://<ip of the remote device>:22000

under Adresses

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