Trying to sync "eclipse-workspace"

I am trying to sync two computer development folders, using a homeserver between them.

I have shared without a problem other folders, but the eclipse-workspace is worrying me. The “client1” (aka home computer) reports all is synced, but the homeserver reports 315 unsynced elements. I checked some of the reported files (example: .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/.history/1/20f27d9e3b03001b1e31f3d5d732f47f ) and are equal (same md5sum), same permissions, … I also tried to manually add a file to one of theses folders, and it syncs without problems.

So everything seems to work OK, but the server reports errors. Any hint of what is happening?


Did you check the logs?

What version of syncthing are you using?

Sorry, I forgot this info… 1.9; updated using apt. All systems are Ubuntu 20.04.

Server is running as a service using systemd

That answers just one of my questions, so not sure I can help without the logs.

Sorry for the delay, I was away. Just arrived at home and after booting the laptop, everything synced ok. This morning I restarted the daemon (both server and laptop) twice or more, and now everything is ok.

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