trying to sync a folder can you please help?

Hello everyone: Just installed this great program this morning and I am having an issue and would appreciate some assistance with it please. This is between my computer and android app. I created a folder on my android phone and want to share it on my pc. As far as i can tell both are connected because once i create the folder i can read the box for the computers name unchecked which I checked. Then I went to my pc and I see inside the program a alert telling me that a folder wants to be share I select allow then I am asked for 1 folder id 2 path I am asuming that the path referers to the path of where the mobile folder is at? but where I am confused is regarding the box which ask for the folder id? Is the folder id the id given to me when I installed the app on my android? Or where/how do I get the folder id? thanks very much

Please read the getting started guide, I think most of the basics are covered there. If it’s still unclear after that, please let us known.

Folder ID: Short identifier for the folder. Must be the same on all cluster devices.

You can just choose any short word for the folder ID, example ‘Music’ or ‘Photos’

Please remember the ID has to be unique. If you try to share a folder “Photos” with a device that already has a folder “Photos” and it is accepted it will not be added as a new share but add the device to the existing one.