Trying to do a schedule: advanced settings, rescan interval, high seconds?

Hi there, trying to create a rather backup type of folder, one windows machine, which I want to backup its profile of the mail program (thunderbird). Obvious, during say work hours, the user would rather more frequently use the mailclient thunderbird and thus change its profile files of the mailprogram rather often, and those inbox and folder files would change frequently and stuff becomes written to them or deleted from them, then needing to be transfered over the network to the second machine, say a linux kind of file server, which should store that syncthing shared folder as a backup.

Can I use the rescan interval, with a high figure put in there, to make it less often go through that syncthing folder, and thus only say once every hour look for changed files and then only then sync transfer those files over the linux machine?

I have looked for scheduling options, say only run that one syncthing folder at outside of work-hours, but havent found such options.

There would be other folders on the windows machine that can need normal sync intervals to transfer smallish files, such as documents and so on.

Any hints on if I am headed down the wrong path? Thank you.

Sure, just set the rescan interval to 3600 seconds. I run that way with folders that don’t change too often, or just don’t need to be replicated that fast.

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Syncthing as a backup tool is not recommended! In your case it is much faster and safer to use IMAP and make backups of these email accounts.

offlineimap works rather well for that

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