Trusted Syncthing package for synology?

Hello! I have a Synology Diskstation, and I stumbled upon Syncthing as a potential was to accomplish my goals of syncing content from my Diskstation to other devices.

Here’s the problem: The area where Syncthing resides in Synology’s software repository is typically reserved for third-party and independent developers (“Synocommunity”). In fact, if I look at closely at the Syncthing application package in that community repository, it lists someone as “Safhire” as the publisher. I’m just trying to figure out: who (or what) in the world is that? Is this a trusted developer (or even a trustworthy version) of Syncthing? I’m rather nervous about it. Does anyone have a current, working way to install Syncthing from its website/git-repository on a Synology Diskstation? The ones I’ve researched and found (like this one) aren’t current or don’t quite work.

Just yesterday I added myself as a co-maintainer besides Safihre on that package from SynoCommunity. Current version v1.14.0 is in the pipeline, see syncthing: Upgrade to v1.14.0 and ignore folder permissions by default. by acolomb · Pull Request #4527 · SynoCommunity/spksrc · GitHub. I’ve also been involved with the last couple of releases there. So at least you see there are real people working on it, and they can be reached :slight_smile:

There is also a build made available through Kastelo, Inc., where @calmh, Syncthing’s head maintainer is involved. Some people prefer that over the SynoCommunity version for its different update policy. See New package for Synology NAS for that effort.

EDIT: I’m using the SynoCommunity package on two DiskStations and several laptops in production, so can definitely say it works reasonably well for my needs.

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