Trusted and trust limited nested syncs

I am syncing ~/Documents and ~/Notes between my personal computers.

I also want to sync ~/Documents/Work and ~/Notes/Work to my work laptop.

I don’t want my personal documents to be synced to My work laptop.

Is there a way to configure this type of nested or sub-sync so that it can only sync the Work folders and the limitation not be able to be overridden without access to one of my personal computers, ie not a config on the work laptop.

Can I just create an additional sync on every device for ~/Documents/Work and ~/Notes/Work or will it cause some kind of conflict on my personal machines because of the parented syncs ~/Documents and ~/Notes?

So in theory there might be some side effects (such as unnecessary network transfer or disk usage) yet as far as I understand in practice people do it anyway. Test before you do it.

Hey, thanks for the prompt reply. I appreciate your help.

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