Truenas to Synology backup

Hello everyone,

Primary NAS is Truenas with 1 existing SMB folder.

Secondary NAS is Synology DS218 with 1 existing SMB folder.

I used to sync Truenas to Synology with goodsync through a windows system.

Now i’m trying to Syncthing directly between those 2 devices. Even if a choose the existing folders, i have errors:

  1. folder path missing on truenas (which is not true) /mnt/MirrorPool/Data

  2. on synology: folder marker missing /volume1/Data/

anyone had experience with syncthing this way ?? what could be the problem ?

I think in both cases the permissions should be set so that Syncthing has access to the file system and the relevant files and directories. This should be easy on Synology as there are installable packages.

thank you for your comment but, what do you mean by syncthing has to have access ? how? is there a user i have to setup? my admin user has rights to the filesystem. i have setup on synology with this admin user, and also jail on truenas with the admin user that already has access. did i miss something ?

I can’t really say anything about TrueNAS, I don’t know about it. However, I can imagine that users are also assigned for applications. This user then needs the appropriate permissions. Or then “Everyone” applies. However, from the point of view of security, this would not be recommended, since otherwise everyone would of course have access. There is certainly a forum for TrueNAS where such things are discussed.

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