troubleshooting - unsynchronized items from OneDrive

hello everyone, I have recently started using syncthing and I am new to the forum. This is my first post.

Let me briefly explain my problem: I tried to sync a folder I have on onedrive from a laptop B to another pc A that I use as a desktop pc. The problem is that the synchronization turns out to be incomplete on the latter (A). the folder window shows unsynchronized items and in greater numbers incorrect items.

pc A

pc B

clicking on “erroneous elements” I see the following description (I think the same for each element, but I can’t verify one by one because there are 1506 elements).

hashing: opening \?\D:\OneDrive -\Immagini\...\ "namefile".ext: Access to the cloud file is denied.
syncing: finishing: checking existing file: file modified but not rescanned; will try again later

PC A is connected by cable to an external hard disk and I have configured automatic backup to this hard disk. For some reason I can no longer connect with onedrive from pc A. So my idea is to synchronize the onedrive folders I need with a regular folder on pc A and then make a local backup.

NOTE I have set the files on onedrive with “always save to this device” to try and work it out. But I would like to know if synchthing also works with items saved only on onedrive and not locally. (after downloading from onedrive)

I have searched but could not find a solution, I hope someone can help me. thanks , regards

You’re not trying to sync the files using both Syncthing and OneDrive simultaneously, are you? I mean a situation where both Syncthing and OneDrive are installed on two PCs and trying to sync the same files between them. On the other hand, if you’ve got OneDrive installed on one PC only, and then try to sync the files with other PCs using Syncthing, then that should work fine.

Regardless of the above, the error message saying that “access to the cloud file is denied” means that despite your settings, OneDrive has actually not downloaded the files locally, and they are still stored in the cloud only, hence they aren’t accessible to Syncthing.

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hello, thank you for the quick response.

I’m still testing the procedure, but evidently I made a mistake in setting something. By the way the backup now appears to be blocked , maybe because of the problems in syncthing sync. Ps I use Acronis True Image

1)No, absolutely not, unless I missed something.

One laptop I use as a desktop, connected to the harddisk. The other one I use on the go. The point is that I use onedrive when I am out and I back up this one to local harddisk for safety. I haven’t been able to access onedrive from the desktop pc for a while now, so I thought I would use this synchthing ploy. I uninstalled onedrive on the fixed pc with the intent of turning the onedrive folder into a regular folder. What I would like to do is:

cloud one drive (any device) ↔ folder (fixed pc) ->backup to HD

What am I missing?

2)Perfect, so the only solution is to have the files saved locally, as I had thought. But I already have that set up. The folder I sync from the laptop has the “always keep in this device” option enabled.

As I told you, the automatic backup that is programmed is blocked, in this specific case this is the error that appears.

I think it’s due to the Synchthing error. If I click ignore it continues but I would say it doesn’t work that way.

Currently I have another 'simple test folder synchronized between the two computers with Synchthing, with the automatic backup set up, and everything works correctly.

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