Trouble w/ upgrade process?

I am running a fresh install of Debian Bullseye, and after installing from the repository, I followed the instructions to enable upgrades via apt,

I got no errors and then got an ‘updates available’ message from the Debian system and w/ Synaptic attempted to install. The first attempt failed with the error

BlockquoteW: Failed to fetch Error reading from server - read (5: Input/output error) [IP: 443]

The second attempt I noticed on the progress bar that the first part of the file came in very fast, then the download rate slowed to a crawl before I got the error:

Blockquote W: Failed to fetch Connection timed out [IP: 443]

The third attempt seemed to succeed…
Not sure if this is something that needs fixing, but thought I should report it.


I’m not sure, but our little web VM has been deluged with failed HTTPS requests from all kinds of endpoints that don’t understand LetsEncrypt any more. I tired of that and sprinkled some cloud storage and CDN over it now, on the apt and upgrades endpoints. Let’s see if that improves things.

Thanks, I hope it solves the problem as well…


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