Trouble setting up on Huawei P9

Hi all, I have Syncthing setup on my Nexus 6P as well as a Sammy tablet and a LG G3 but for the life of me I simply can not get it to work on my wifes Huawei P9. App installs no problem, I can add a device (home desktop) and I can add the phone on the desktop but when it comes to sharing folders its a no go. The furthest I have got is to share the default folder from the pc to the phone but then it wouldn’t sync any files in the folder and I get no response at all when trying to share a folder (photo backup) from the phone to the pc. After deleting everything and reinstalling I now can’t even share the default folder. The server gui on the pc shows the P9 connected and syncing but continually uploading at 0 or 1B/s. This is driving me daft going round in circles, the other devices are working fine and I can’t see any difference in the way they are setup, is this a Huawei thing? Anybody any words of advice? TIA Jon

As a extra point I notice that my other devices are running syncthing version 0.14.16 and the Huawei is running 0.14.19 which is a fresh install from google play store. Updated my Nexus to .19 and that is no longer syncing either

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