Trouble on 1st setup: Disconnected, never seen

I am setting up syncthing on my laptop & desktop (both Ubuntu 17.04, different locations). I have installed on both machines, added eachother’s ID’s to eachother.

Now the problem is both of them say ‘Disconnected’ and 'Last Seen: never’ I am just trying to get it working using the discovery service. Discovery says 2/8. Has been like this for >48 hrs.

Let me know how I should proceed or if you need more info from me.


Screenshot attached

Please check your firewall (local/router) and antivirus. Your screenshot shows, that syncthing is unable to connect to either the discovery servers nor the relay servers.

Listeners 1/2 means, not connection to the relay. Discovery 2/8 means, no connection to discovery servers, only local discovery (inside LAN broadcast).

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