Hi It seems some strings miss in Transifex, e.g. “Currently Shared With Devices”, "Deselect devices to stop sharing this folder with., ", “Unshared Devices”, “Select additional devices to share this folder with.”…

Hmm, I just discovered I have no clue how those are kept up-to-date - I can only find build code for downloading and generating (but not uploading) translations. And in transifex settings there are no hooks/integration configured (incidentally, the given repo for license purposes is GitHub - calmh/syncthing: Open Source Continuous File Synchronization, I guess that can be updated :slight_smile: ).

@AudriusButkevicius @calmh Can you shed some light on how translation strings “reach” transifex please?

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The intention is that Transifex pulls from syncthing/syncthing master branch and imports the lang-en.json for phrases… That’s still correctly set up as far as I can see, but what doesn’t work correctly is my cron job to periodically populate lang-en.json from the HTML sources and download translations – ./ prerelease basically.

I’ll fix that.

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