Translation updates?

I just noticed the last docs, translation and contributors update commit is three months old. At least one new string didn’t end up on Transifex. What’s going on with the update script? I thought it was automated?

Indeed it is! But automation can break, and so it has. I shall mend it forthwith.

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It’s now a GitHub action instead of some script cronned in my garage.

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Thank you very much for fixing this. I was waiting for an update to the translations too, but I just thought it was @calmh doing manual updates from time to time, and that he was just too busy with other stuff to do the update or something :grin:.

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The docs repo has some changes now beyond v1.18.6-rc.2 (namely rest: Remove bogus fields from connections API endpoint. by acolomb · Pull Request #708 · syncthing/docs · GitHub), but the other changes and especially all translations should be pulled into the v1.18.6 release yet. Will you do that manually, @calmh, or should I make a PR?

They missed the boat, unfortunately.