Please where are used in the GUI the strings #300 & #291 (Take me back & Support bundle) ? I performed some checks for the first deleting a folder & device then ignoring them on turn and looked to Actions/Settings/Ignored dev/fold but didn’t found.

Also, is there a way to dig the whole code for a string to translate that may return some info that would give a track on where the string is used in GUI (so that I won’t post again that king of question :wink: ) ?


(Evgeny Kuznetsov) #2

grep -r "Take me back" *.html in the root of Syncthing repository gives: gui/default/syncthing/settings/discardChangesConfirmation.html: <span class="fas fa-times"></span>&nbsp;<span translate>Take me back</span>

On the other hand, grep -r "Support bundle" * only shows error messages generated in cmd/syncthing/gui.go. I’m not really sure where they are user-visible.

(Evgeny Kuznetsov) #3

By the way, I don’t get Support bundle while greping through the lang directory, so it looks like this phrase shouldn’t be in up transifex after all. Wonder how it got there…

Upd: had to register into transifex to look it up. It’s “Support Bundle”, and here it is: gui/default/index.html: <li><a href="/rest/debug/support" target="_blank" ng-if="config.gui.debugging"><span class="fa fa-user-md"></span>&nbsp;<span translate>Support Bundle</span></a></li>


Thank you Evgeny

Sorry for my case typo (grep -i often helps my one-neuroned brain, when I remember it :frowning: ). Did you have to download the whole files from with some web pumper to grep locally ?

Maybe these strings are for some WIP…

[EDIT] : not so WIP : “Take me back” is effective in Actions/Settings when one “Close” if any change was done

(Evgeny Kuznetsov) #5

“Support Bundle” is effective in “Actions” menu on main page if the corresponding option is set. See this issue to get the idea.

I have it locally anyway for teaching myself some go and authoring some rather trivial PRs, so I just cd'ed to the repo.