Please where are used in the GUI the strings #300 & #291 (Take me back & Support bundle) ? I performed some checks for the first deleting a folder & device then ignoring them on turn and looked to Actions/Settings/Ignored dev/fold but didn’t found.

Also, is there a way to dig the whole code for a string to translate that may return some info that would give a track on where the string is used in GUI (so that I won’t post again that king of question :wink: ) ?


grep -r "Take me back" *.html in the root of Syncthing repository gives: gui/default/syncthing/settings/discardChangesConfirmation.html: <span class="fas fa-times"></span>&nbsp;<span translate>Take me back</span>

On the other hand, grep -r "Support bundle" * only shows error messages generated in cmd/syncthing/gui.go. I’m not really sure where they are user-visible.

By the way, I don’t get Support bundle while greping through the lang directory, so it looks like this phrase shouldn’t be in up transifex after all. Wonder how it got there…

Upd: had to register into transifex to look it up. It’s “Support Bundle”, and here it is: gui/default/index.html: <li><a href="/rest/debug/support" target="_blank" ng-if="config.gui.debugging"><span class="fa fa-user-md"></span>&nbsp;<span translate>Support Bundle</span></a></li>

Thank you Evgeny

Sorry for my case typo (grep -i often helps my one-neuroned brain, when I remember it :frowning: ). Did you have to download the whole files from with some web pumper to grep locally ?

Maybe these strings are for some WIP…

[EDIT] : not so WIP : “Take me back” is effective in Actions/Settings when one “Close” if any change was done

“Support Bundle” is effective in “Actions” menu on main page if the corresponding option is set. See this issue to get the idea.

I have it locally anyway for teaching myself some go and authoring some rather trivial PRs, so I just cd'ed to the repo.