Transfer speed issues

I am trying to sync two machines (Mac and Linux) connected to the same LAN through a wired connection and I am getting much lower transfer speeds then I expected. It maxes out at around 20Mbps, but spends most of the time around 1 Mbps. I don’t really know what speeds to expect but I certainly expected much faster.

I’ve dug around on the forum and FAQ looking for a way to improve it but haven’t found anything. If I’ve overlooked anything please point me in the right direction.

Here is what I’ve checked:

  • The connection type is TCP
  • Tested connection speed using iperf and measured circa 500 Mbps
  • Checked CPU usage - well below 10% on both machines
  • Disk usage is also low
  • Not using encryption as far as I can tell
  • No rate limits on either machine

Would appreciate any suggestions or referrals to other resources :smile:

Are you syncing a bazillion of tiny files?

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Yeah, then bandwidth won’t be the limiting factor. Lots of topics on it here, the information is out there.

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