Transfer at 0 bytes a sec

For some reason, after a few days off the grid, my mac mini does not want to sync the rest of the files of a 7 Tb share. Its sync’ed about 1/2 of the files and now is stuck at 0 to 1 bytes a sec. I restarted both and it still says “Syncing” with no movement. I would appreciate any help to figure this one out.

Please post full screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from both sides. Make sure that any errors and information about the OS and Syncthing versions is all visible.

the screen shots contain too much PII, i will have to edit these out

Hi, same on my side. In total 97% done and then syncthing stucks with 0 B/S.

This is the receiver (Openmediavault on VM Proxmox)

and this is the sender: Raspi 3b (Backup on USB HDD).

Sometimes I can see 1 B/S…

I already changed the normal charing to sender and receiver folders. But no change.

Hope to get some informations, where to change the system in the right way.

Thank you very much for your help.

Regards Thorsten

Any solution for this topic?

Does the USB HDD use NTFS? If yes, then you need to enable ignore permissions under the Advanced tab in the folder settings.

You should post a screenshot of folder statuses from both sides, not device statuses.

Hi, the ignore permissions flag is set. Please find attached the Screenshot.

You’ve cut off the header of the folder that shows the status, so I have no idea what state they are in.

Hi, now with the requested status.

They both think they are in sync, even tho the file count dies not match.

Suggests you stop both instances, run syncthing --reset-deltas, and start them back up again.

Hi, thank you very much for your help. This was the solution. Now everything is fine.

Regards Thorsten

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