trailing slash with folder / path name? always confused and nonconsitent gui

Was wondering if there must be a trailing slash in the shared folder names path names actually? In my unix and operating systems experience there were quite a number of situations where one tool makes use of and interpretation of some trailing slash whereas some other didnt and so on.

Just tried to add a new folder to be shared via the 1.3.4 gui. The add folder dialog, at the bottom the “Folder Path” textbox, the autocomplete of path names function there, offers the path names with trailing slashes, and when clicking them, the string of the path name becomes transferred into that text box with a trailing slash.

Unless you manually remove that trailing slash, this / stays at the end of your shared folder path name. So far so good. You add the folder all done.

in the main gui overview, on the left side, the block named “Folders”, there you see your shared stuff. You extent the just added object there, and you see the “Folder Path” line, showing your actual path name, with the trailing slash there as well.

but then inside the edit button, of this object, you verify your settings for this shared object, and you notice that there is just no trailing slash at all at the end of your shared path name this time.

Whats the deal about the idea of path names and folder names to be specific in such programming styles, apis, computing languages tools etc?

do you need to end a path name with a trailing slash, so that some layer of the OS does know that this ought to be a folder? and without slash it would rather be a file, and not a container for files = folder?

or is my understanding completely wrong here? I always tend to worry about late consequences of some weird user-level misbehavior, bugs or programming bugs and this kind of stuff. I have seen a lot of ugly code and bugs in my life in the field of the computing industry.

thanks for hints and thanks for maybe ironing out this potential bug or displaying nuisance and make the gui consistent everywhere.

It’s completely irrelevant in the context of Syncthing. So yes, it would be nice to display it consistently with or without slash, but that’s just a cosmetic thing.

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