"tracking.log" always out of sync

Hi folks, I’m new and its my first time using syncthing. Looks great so far! Except I have one issue:

I have one “master” shared with one client “normal” folder. I’m trying to use this to replicate some image backups offsite from one machine to another. It seems to be working fine so far, except the master keeps reporting that a file called tracking.log is out of sync. I can hit override, but within seconds it’s back again.

I cannot find such a file on either master or client. I’m not sure if syncthing is creating this file, or something else. Although it happens even when no other programs or users are in either of the folders.

any ideas? I suppose I could just ignore it but seems like it should be addressed?

Also, I’m continually getting this error: “Unexpected EOF” which I understand means the TCP connection is getting closed. not sure why that would be. Firewall is open and ports forwarded on both sides. I’m wondering if these issues are related? Yet everything seems to continue syncing fine.


If you hover on the filename, it will show you the full path. The file is probably written by both sides, hence the issue.

Check the logs on the other side as the closure happens.

Thanks. So the tracking.log was in System Volume Information on the drive syncthing is syncing from. I forgot to mention that I did the root of a drive as a share. Is that bad? I created a .stignore file and included the system volume information folder. Hopefully will fix it. Now I’m on to investigating the EOF error.

Thanks for your help.

If it’s the system drive, you are asking for trouble. If it is a data drive, than there should be no problem, but as you already noticed, you should ignore some of the root level folders Windows creates, like System Volume Information, Recyle and so on.

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