TOTAL NOOB - web gui?

HI- New to the forums.

I am on linux mint and have been using it for about three months. I have installed syncthing via the software manager. I installed syncthing GTK, syncthing, syncthing discvr, syncthing replaysvr.

I can see some sycthing info via the syncthing taskbar icon. However, When I click on Syncthing Weg gui, I get ‘‘ can not connect’’ I see no web gui. My browser is Brave. I have forwarded port 22000 via my browser.

Sorry, but can anyone suggest any troubleshooting?

Many Thanks


You planning on hosting relay- or discovery servers? Probably not, no need to install that.

For syncthing-gtk I have no clue what exactly it does or how to debug (@kozec).

If you don’t actually need system integration (or for a qt based one check out, redo the setup without syncthing-gtk (for autostart see, which will soon be updated, see preview at

Port 22000 is not used for web ui, it’s used for the sync protocol. Web ui uses 8384

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Thanks for the help guys.

Got the web ui working by starting the service- oh dear :slight_smile:

I have this up and running fine on my windows and android devices, its just linux has a bit of a learning curve for me.

Also it tuns out the Syncthing GTK shows everything that the web ui can display, so I use that now.

Thanks again