Too many files detected on the receiving end

I am trying to sync a directory between two android devices.

The transfer is done in “send and receive” mode. What I refer as sender here is the device that has all the files (there are about 400 files) while the “receiver” is the device that needs to get those files.

I did the transfer, but then the receiver device started hallucinating on the number of files. The receiver device says it has 400/800 files downloaded. However, there’s only 400 files.

So I tried removing the folder from Syncthing and adding it again, and then it said it has 400/1200 files.

In a nutshell, all the files are synced but Syncthing thinks there are missing files while there isn’t. How can I solve this issue?

Update: I deleted everything on the receiver device, deleted syncthing’s hidden folders, and removed it from syncthing. Then I re-added the folder. Now it works well.

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