"To protect your privacy, choose another folder"

All I want is a program to sync my android phone to my computer, so that when I wipe it / root it it can restore files back the way they were. I thought Syncthing might be that program, but when I load it up and attempt to add folders to sync, I can’t add critical folder “Download” to be synched? Why not? It shows the error “To protect your privacy, choose another folder”.

What about my privacy are we protecting exactly if my folder is just going to be synched between my PC and my phone…?


Google the error message. It’s not from Syncthing.

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Google restricts it, the SAF picker from Android won’t allow you to select “Downloads” but you can type the path manually in Syncthing’s Web UI.


Thank you, the Web UI within the phone app was able to do the folder just like you said.


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