.tmp files left on Android device

I added some files to a synced folder yesterday. When checking on my Android tablet today, I found 5 out of 6 were left as .tmp files there. I assume this means the sync wasn’t complete. Is there any way to force a resync? Anything else I can do to remedy this situation? File sizes look about right.

Check the FAQ.

Actually it’s not in the faq. Tmp files are removed after 24 hours by default. Wether its in sync or not can be observed from the completion percentage in the ui. There is nothing you can force retry, syncthing retries automatically, yet if it’s not getting in sync, it’s probably hitting some errors that need to be fixed first.


Thanks for your help everybody. The reason I posted without much prior research was that I was about to board a flight and had planned to read the documents in question on the plane. That’s obviously my fault for not checking the sync had worked earlier, but Syncthing had been so reliable before that it never occurred to me anything might go wrong.

Three days later, 5 of the 6 files have synced correctly. One though is still only existant as a .tmp file. Is there anything I can do short of deleting the file from the folder and then putting it in there again? I’m flying again tomorrow and this time I definitely want to have the file with me. What would happen if I deleted the .tmp file?

It would try to sync it again, which it is presumably already doing. There should be an error to explain why it can’t sync it properly.

Well, my question is how to sync again. I checked the logs and saw entries from this morning, around 9:20, about starting a scan. No error messages in the log after that. Maybe I looked in the wrong place?

Maybe. I’m not sure how these things are exposed on Android. Sorry.

I have meanwhile deleted the .tmp file on the Android device. This led to the original file being deleted on at least one other device (didn’t check the others, sorry). I wouldn’t have expected that behavior.

As for my files, I’m happy now, after a renewed saving of the file to the sync folder, the sync occurred fast and without problems.

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