Tinyproxy or other proxy

I’ve installed Syncthing in a FreeBSD’s jail and would like to keep access to the admin web page only for the local net (

In the jail, Syncthing is set to only listen to localhost: <address></address>

The host has packet redirection to the above address and port from the local network.

As I was getting a “Host check error”, I’ve dug the the FAQ

and it says that this problem can be solved by intermediating a proxy in between the http request and Syncthing.

Tried with Tinyproxy, (AddHeader "Host" "localhost"), but the host remained set to the IP of the base system, a

So, my questions:

  • What is the right way to do this using Tinyproxy?


  • What other proxy can I configure? I’d like to have the simplest possible, but if I have to use nginx, so be it.

You can also set the Insecure Skip Host Check config option (Advanced → GUI) to disable the host check. You lose DNS rebinding protection, but I expect you lose that with a proxy as well. And you avoid the proxy.

I had the proxy setup to only listen to the local network connections.

Maybe I do as you suggest and disable the admin port at the firewall for Internet connections. It’s probable the simplest way to solve this.

Thank you very much @calmh.

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