Timestamps non syncing between MacOS / Synology NAS

Hello, I am very sorry to steal your time but this is an issue I couldn’t find anywhere on this forum. If you take a look at the screenshots many .plist files are not correctly synced as the timestamps between the two nodes are not aligned.

As a result these files keep appearing as “Local additions” seconds after fixing them.

My Syncthing’s are working between a MacOS node and a Synology NAS node, with MacOS sending only and the NAS sending/receiving. Running 1.4.0 everywhere.

In my opinion permissions are well setup and working well. Diff-ing the folders return no actual differences between files.

Many thanks Riccardo

Screenshot from the send only device. Screenshot from the send/receive device.

Syncthing syncs timestamps, the fact that they are different means something modified them on the send/receive side, and send-only side refuses to accept them (because it’s send only).

Hello, thank you for your kind reply. I still suspect something is broken. Please see the following screenshots, I focused on a specific file which is always out of sync.

I took a stat of a specific file on the send only device in order to see the modification date. Then I took a stat of the same file on the receiving device, in order to see what did change BEFORE and AFTER overriding the out of sync changes. Modification date didn’t change.

I am starting to think that these files are somehow special and don’t work normally like all other files. Their behaviour is similar to .sqlite-shm maybe?

I should add that file are the same (diff-ing them) and permissions look specular.

It’s an interesting modtime too, with just seconds precision. The Mac source side has nanosecond precision and Syncthing should set it as such on the other side as well. That it gets reset to second precision feels like something non-Syncthing is modifying the time stamp.

Ok tried to delete the file and override the changes, Syncthing synced the file again with the correct timestamp. After a few seconds the timestamp got truncated to 0. I will see if something of the like of an indexing service might be having this effect.

As a matter of fact Syncthing DOES SYNC TIMESTAMPS. Thank you all, I will update in case I find anything useful.

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One last reply so that this might be useful for somebody else; it seems that having the synced folder within Synology Drive folder was not a good idea since the content of the Drive is indexed and versioned and this interfere with files in such a way that they are often modified (at least the timestamps get changed). Solution: I moved the synced folder outside my Drive folder, no more Local Additions.



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