Time-controlled synchronisation per folder

Would it be possible to implement a time-controlled synchronisation per folder? I would like to synchronize folders only between certain times. For example, I create automated backups and distribute them via syncthing. It would be best if this happens at night (00:00 - 03:00).

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If you create the backups at midnight, that’s when they would sync. So this can be time controlled already?

Thank you very much for your answer. The backups are created all day long and should be transferred at a fixed time via syncthing.

You could disable watch for changes and set a long scan interval but that would make them sync e.g. every 24 hours and not at a fixed time. Another way would be Cron or task scheduler to start the service on demand and let it run for a certain time.

Or, indeed, set the scan interval to zero (no scans) and cron a curl command to trigger a rescan at the time you prefer.