Thunderbird sync

Hi forummembers, I tried to sync thunderbird on two laptop by syncing the whole thunderbird profile folder. It works but i get strange sync subfolders . Can someone explain me what is the right way to do it?

If Thunderbird is similar to Firefox (possible since they are both from Mozilla) you probably shouldn’t use Syncthing for this.

For the case of the Firefox profile, you will corrupt the profile if both ends are modified concurrently, or if Firefox tries to read / write the profile during sync (the sync won’t be atomic), or if the sync is interrupted before it’s done.

If you just want to replicate your mail, how about using IMAP, which is designed for that?

You can use Mozbackup to backup Thunderbird or Firefox and then syncthing the backup to whatever locations you would like.

mozbackup should be run when Thunderbird is not running. I have it setup to launch when my computer starts everyday via a script and task scheduler. I use Autohotkeys to enter the necessary keystrokes and compiled the script into an exe file.

I use ST to sync my Thunderbird profile across three laptops running Ubuntu 16.04. It works perfectly, but I ensure TB is closed completely and that sync has finished before opening on any other machine. TB profile includes active and archived emails of about 1.5GB, as well as Lightning.

I also have a Raspberry PI3 in the loop, but without TB installed.

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