This will let you run or build something when sync is complete!

Greetings fellow syncthing users!

I hope i’m posting in the right place!

I just wanted to share this amazing little piece of opensource software written by the amazing aengl called Syncthing-hooks

Basically, if you run it or daemonize it on a machine running syncthing, it will watch any specified folders, and anytime these folders are done synchronizing new content they will run a little shell script of your likings.

Syncthing-hook comes as is, and doesn’t contain any scripts to do anything particular for you, so it takes a bit of technological skills (mainly shell scripting) to get it to do what ever it is you want it to do. But this also leaves it open to do more or less anything you can imagine.

As an example, i have made a system for my musician-friends, so that they can drop their properly ID3 tagged original-creations in mp3 in a folder synchronized with my raspberry-pi, and pifpafpuf, it adds the audio-file to a website in an HTML5 player using the ID3 embedded image, title, etc… Drag’n’drop creative commons publication, just like that!

Or why not create your own self hosted instagram-like website, with a synchronized picture folder on your phone? Syncstagram!

You will find the tool here:

Aengl is my good friend, and we’d be happy if you would let us know here if you use it for something! We’d love to see what the community can come up with!

Sincerely, Sakrecoer

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Many thanks @calmh :slight_smile: