"This should never happen, please report"

So today I get:

2019-10-03 11:38:31: Watching for changes encountered an event outside of the filesystem root: f.root==\?\w:, root==w:, path==\?\w:. This should never happen, please report this message to forum.syncthing.net.

Yes, I have a network share on W: and I syncthing the whole directory. It appears connected, though not always (I have to log in with username/pass, the share uses a separate login to my computer login). Using Synctrayzor |v1.3.0, Windows (64 bit)|

So what else will be useful for debugging?

Last scan on that share was Last Scan 2019-10-03 13:38:04 which is a suspicious multiple of hours away from the error. It’s 14:41 now.

I think this will be addressed in the next release