There is a problem about chinese language

Hi,I’m a ordinary Chinese.I notice there are two options so called Chinese(Taiwan) and Chinese(China) on your language option tab(software version is syhcthing v1.13.1, Windows (64-bit Intel/AMD)“Fermium Flea”). It is wrong. Taiwan is a part of China.We usually use Chinese(Traditional) and Chinese(simplified). Syncthing is a excellent open source software.I like it.But I really care about this.Can you fix it?

No. Without even getting into whether Taiwan is a real country or not, the naming convention for translations is $language ($region) and it’s definitely a geographical region so we’re all good here.

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Thank you for reply.I’m glad to know you think it is just a geographical region.I think it’s OK as long as it not about politics.Have a nice day.

Yes, it’s a geographical region for the purpose of the current schema that encodes region names, rather than countries.

This does not however express our political views on whether Taiwan is a country or not, so please do not assume that “Syncthing thinks Taiwan is a region in China”, because of what is said above, is in no way confirmation of that, as you said, best to leave the politics out of it.


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